About Muslims in

Muslims in Memphis (MIM) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 with the help of Mayor’s Office of Multicultural and Religious Affairs, when he dedicated the month of March as Muslim month.

Muslims & Islam

Muslims in Memphis aspires to present Muslims and Islam to the Memphis community in a positive and informative light. We aim to do so for such purposes as peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and mutual respect.


Muslims in Memphis aims to engage in an outreach program to the larger community of Memphis and the Mid-south in order to educate, inform, and dispel myths about Islam and Muslims that have permeated this society for far too long.

Our events include but are not limited to speakers, food bazaar, Islamic Arts, movie, entertainment, and traveling museums, to help build bridges between community members. MIM embarked a new annual event called “MusliMEMfest” in closing of the month long activities. We are planning on having fun filled games for children and family in a festive atmosphere for the entire city of Memphis.

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