The establishment of Masjid Al-Noor, under the auspices of MSA National (via MSA of Memphis), has witnessed the tremendous growth and prosperity of the Muslim community of Memphis. Along with this growth, the needs and priorities of the community have also matured beyond all expectations. To accommodate the ever increasing needs of the Muslim community of the Greater Memphis area, the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis (IAGM) was established.
A great compulsion has been felt by the Muslim community of Memphis to structure, direct, and expand the community’s interests and aspirations and to promote and protect the religious, social, economic, educational, civic, cultural, and ethnic interests of the Muslims residing in the Greater Memphis area. The IAGM aims to be a catalyst in this regard, while effectively integrating its resources with the MSA to ensure the representation of Muslim students.

The purpose of IAGM is to establish and carry forth the message of the Qur’an and Sunnah, as was understood by the first three generations of the Rightly Guided Muslims. It is our obligation to take the light of Islam and illuminate its beauty to all those around us in our community while integrating into society and without compromising our identity as Muslims.

For this purpose, the IAGM seeks:
To promote, coordinate, and conduct activities and programs that will advance the religious, social, economic, educational, civic, cultural, and ethnic ambitions of the Muslims in the Greater Memphis area,
To promote and protect the civil rights of the Muslims in Memphis,
To educate the society at large about authentic Islamic teachings and principles,
To promote amiable relations between Muslims and everyone in society,
To serve the society in which we live through all Islamically approved means,
And to provide guidance, assistance, aid the socioeconomic well being of the Muslim community and at large.

Address: 3529 Mynders Ave Phone Number: (901) 432-0761

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